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Is your hair dry, dull, weak, damaged or just won’t grow? We have the tips just for you!


It starts with good quality products

Not the most expensive brand at the supermarket, we mean salon quality products. They are almost always free of any nasties, they don’t have silicones to coat your hair and pretend it’s shiny, they go deeper with ingredients that are going to improve your hair from the inside out. When a salon stocks a product it means that they truly believe in the product and that it works – you have that guarantee.


Don’t over-wash your hair

So what’s a healthy number of times to wash? The general rule is every 3 days, but that doesn’t always work for everyone. Some people can go 7 days without washing their hair and others prefer to wash it daily. By washing your hair daily you are stripping your hair of its natural oils and drying it out – If you are an everyday washer, we recommend trying to stretch your washes out (Yes, it will be hard, but it will be worth it). Over time your natural oils will regulate and you will get longer between washes, not only making your life easier but giving you healthy hair.


Hands down the best Dry Shampoo: Aveda Shampowder™ dry shampoo

Absorb excess oil, impurities and sweat with powerful plant powders. Instantly add volume and texture to refresh style.

Aveda Shampowder powder dry shampoo


Condition after every wash

Not only does conditioner smooth and detangle, conditioner has the job of closing the hair cuticle. Making the hair stronger and more resistant to breakage. Top conditioner tip: Apply your conditioner to the mid lengths and ends, working up to your roots – applying conditioner straight to your roots will only make them oily.


Aveda Botanical repair strengthening conditioner

Our favourite conditioners: Available in salon and online 👇🏼

Botanical repair™ strengthening conditioner: Condition and instantly

detangle to prevent breakage. Help strengthen and repair damaged hair with the power of plants, when used with botanical repair strengthening shampoo.


Aveda Nutriplenish light moisture conditioner

Nutriplenish™ conditioner light (also available in Deep): Creamy lightweight formula, with a vegan superfood blend, conditions and replenishes dry hair with nutrient-

Aveda be curly conditioner for curly hairpowered hydration.


Be curly™ conditioner: Condition your waves or curls—and define them with a wheat protein and organic aloe blend that expands when hair is wet and retracts when hair is dry—taming frizz and increasing shine.


Heat protectant always

Be heat tool smart, if you are using any heat tool on your hair whether it be a hairdryer, flat iron or curling wand – You MUST use heat protectant. Using a heat protectant means that the hair will heat up slowly and prevent heat shock, resulting in less damage.


Heat protectants we can’t live without: Brilliant™ damage control™

The foundation for any style. This pre-styling spray helps protect hair from the hazards of combing and heat styling.

Aveda Brilliant damage control heat protectant spray


Treat your hair regularly

We recommend treating your hair at least once a week. Treatments go deeper than regular conditioners, treating your hair concerns from the inside out. They give your hair that little boost each week for healthier, shinier, and stronger hair.


Treatments you need in your bathroom: Available in salon and online 👇🏼

Aveda Nutriplenish light moisture treatment masque


Nutriplenish™ masque light moisture: The nutrient-infused hydrating treatment is a lightweight gel cream hair masque with 4x the hydration of untreated hair. Intensely moisturises and conditions for hair that looks lush. Treats dry brittle strands to restore hydration without the weigh down.

Aveda intensive strengthening masque light


Botanical repair™ intensive strengthening light masque: Intensely strengthen and build bonds for deep repair, improving the look and feel of damaged hair instantly. Formulated for weightless conditioning for visibly healthier and noticeably softer hair after just one use.

Aveda invati advanced intensive hair and scalp masque


Invati advanced™ intensive hair and scalp masque: Intensive hair and scalp masque deeply nourishes the scalp while thickening, strengthening and hydrating

Aveda smooth infusion anti frizz conditioner thinning hair.


Smooth infusion™ smoothing masque: Deep condition your hair with cupuaçu and shea butters to reduce unwanted volume and soften hair, while helping seal in moisture and lock out frizz—even in intense humidity. Leave your hair smooth with natural movement.


Aveda wide tooth comb

Be gentle

Brush your hair like you were brushing someone else’s, especially when it’s wet! When your hair is wet it’s at its weakest point, we recommend using a wide tooth comb, the wider spaces between the teeth make it easier to detangle hair without hair breakage.


Trim your hair regularly

Split ends if left untreated continue up the hair, causing further damage. We recommend getting your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks, it will not only feel better, it will look fuller, healthier and thicker. By trimming your hair regularly, your hair will appear to grow faster as the hair will break less, growing longer in a shorter amount of time. Book your trim now.


Follow these 7 simple tips and your hair will be healthier than ever!

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