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We are all doing our part to help stop the spread of COVID-19, but in doing so our skin is suffering, the Maskne is real! Dermatologists across the world are seeing an increase in Maskne and other skin conditions.


So what is Maskne?


We don’t define Maskne as just Acne caused by friction, moisture, dirt and bacteria when wearing a facemask. Maskne is any skin condition caused by wearing a mask – Rosacea, Dermatitis and Folliculitis just to name a few. In addition to new conditions, facemasks can aggravate and intensify already existing skin conditions.


You are not alone in the fight against Maskne 💪🏼


Here are our top tips to help avoid Maskne:



You are beautiful without it.. and we can’t see it anyways! Avoid foundations and concealers, they can clog your pores and cause further irritation on your skin. Instead, try wearing tinted moisturizers, fluff your brows and put on your favourite mascara – your skin will love you for it. 


Djurras favourite tinted moisturizer: Aveda inner light™ mineral tinted moisture 


Infused with 100% mineral derived pigments and nourishing plant emollients, it instantly increases radiance, delivers moisture upon application and provides a smooth, even complexion for flawless radiance.


AND It’s non-acnegenic, meaning “not likely to cause acne”.


Visit us in salon for a free colour match or purchase online now 

Inner light tinted moisture spf15 Aveda



If you are wearing a fabric mask, wash it DAILY. Not only will this ensure you are killing the spread of COVID-19, but you are also removing skin cells, dirt, bacteria and oils that are left on the mask, which can lead to Maskne.


Wash your mask correctly 👇🏼

Use unscented, gentle washing detergent. 

Ensure the water is Hot!

Let it dry completely.

If you are wearing disposable masks, ensure you are replacing them daily!



Keep your hands away from your face ✋🏼 Constant touching can transfer dirt, bacteria and oils to your skin, as well as cause irritation from your masking rubbing on the skin. If you do need to touch your face, wash and sanitise your hands first.



Use gentle cleansers to wash your face morning and night, and after you sweat. This will help remove dirt, bacteria, oils and sweat from your skin, which cause Maskne.


Djurras favourite cleansers: All cleansers available in salon and online 👇🏼

Aveda botanical kinetics purifying gel cleanserAveda botanical kinetics purifying creme cleanser


Aveda botanical kinetics™ purifying gel cleanser (Normal to Oily skin) – Dermatologist-tested.

Aveda botanical kinetics™ purifying creme cleanser (Normal to Dry skin) – Dermatologist-tested.



Give your skin a 15-minute break every 4 hours when possible, healthcare workers have found this method is a reliable way of reducing the risk of maskne. 



Avoid the dry skin and chapped lips caused by Maskne. Keep your skin hydrated by using a light moisturizer throughout the day and a rich moisturizer at night. Hydrate your lips with a nourishing lip treatment throughout the day. 


Aveda botanical kinetics hydrating lotion face


Djurras favourite light daily moisturiser: Aveda botanical kinetics™ hydrating lotion

Aveda botanical kinetics intense hydrating rich creme


Djurras favourite rich night moisturiser: Aveda botanical kinetics™ intense hydrating rich creme 


Aveda feed my lip - lip treatment

Djurras favourite lip treatment: Aveda feed my lips ™ pure nourish-mint ™ lip treatment




Not sure what moisturiser is best for your skin? Visit us in salon for a skin consultation.



Treat yourself and your skin! See a professional to help avoid and guide you through your Maskne, they will be able to recommend the best skin treatments, as well as the correct skincare products. Here at Djurra, we have a number of skin care treatments to suit your needs, our professional team will consult you and analyse your skin to ensure we are giving your skin what it needs.. and deserves. 


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