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It’s a common question we hear in salon “How do I curl my own hair with a flat iron?” 🤷🏼‍♀️


We have 4 simple steps to achieve beautiful, bouncy curls in your own home:


STEP ONE: Prep your hair

Wash your hair prior to curling it, this will make your curls last longer! Use a light shampoo and conditioner (keep that conditioner off your roots), towel dry your hair and apply your heat protector. To achieve smooth frizz-free curls, blow dry your hair smooth instead of leaving it to dry naturally. 


STEP TWO: Section your hair 

Sectioning your hair into clean sections will make curling your hair ten times easier.  Start by parting your hair where you want to wear it. Then using your tail comb draw a line from the top of your crown down to your left ear, wrap it into a bun and secure with a sectioning clip, Repeat on your right side. 


Now that you have three clean sections you can section the back of your head. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you can generally curl the back within 3-4 sections, your sections shouldn’t be any wider than the length of the iron,


STEP THREE: Start curling

Starting at the back of your head, section off a small amount of hair and place it into the irons. Hold the iron horizontal and turn 180 degrees, drag the iron down the hair guiding the hair as you go down. You always want to turn the iron away from the face, this will give you a flawless curl framing your face.


TIP: The more you turn the iron the tighter your curls will get. 


STEP FOUR: Brush it out 

Once you have curled the whole head you need to ensure your curls have cooled before brushing them out. Wait at least two minutes before reaching for your comb. There are a few different ways you can brush out your curls, you can use your fingers, a wide tooth comb or a paddle brush – experiment and see what you like best. 


Once you have brushed out your curls, use a light hairspray to ensure long-lasting curls. 


Some of our favourite tools:

Must have Paddle brush to help smooth when blow drying

Sectioning clips that will “actually” hold your hair out of the way

The Original Iron by Cloud Nine for a smooth and seamless curl

Two for one Comb set to effortlessly section and brush out



Need more help with your flat iron curls?

Ask us to show you our favourite tips at your next appointment – Book now 

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